The Volkswagen announced the fully-autonomous futuristic car at the Geneva Motor Show. The company announced that also plans to release a production version of the I.D. Vizzion. The electric Vizzion is expected to hit by 2022 said VW. Unlike the concept version that was initially harassed last month, the car will be unveiled with wheel and pedals.

The VW’s spokesperson said that the car will have the capacity to travel up to 400 miles on a single charge with the battery pack of 111kWh, which is quite higher than the current offerings. A 75kW motor will power the front wheels, whereas, 150kW motor will power back, that give 300hp.

The Volkswagen’s I.D. is the SUV car. Teaser, images of the car was released in February. The car has facial recognition system and can adjust the seat, lights, environment control. It can instantly pull up video streaming service.

There are no screens, rather than looks like projection or hologram where you don’t need to touch anything but you just have to wave a hand. It has voice recognition system so it can catch your voices.

VW is developing an electric car that can be launched up to next years. The I.D. Vizzion is similar to the I.D. siblings that very much looks like a centerpiece. VW wants everyone will think about the car, but the future of the car is far.

Meanwhile, the company was thinking to develop the I.D. Vizzion as a fully-automatic and self-driving car. The way VW was presenting the car at Geneva motor show, it was unbelievable that car is VW’s model. Of course, the company is offering many specifications and more advanced parts than others which will help the company to impress the consumer. Thus, it is a relief to know that the company will offer a more familiar version, but this will hit the market after few years.

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