Instagram is a way of expressing your lovely moments, by capturing and sharing. It has been the easiest source of connecting with your family, friends, as well as business clients from any corner of the world. Every single person or youngsters are aware of the use of Instagram. More than adults, youngster are more aware of the new applications and their uses. Instagram allows you to share the pictures and videos publicly, privately to pre-approved followers.

Instagram has been the source of social marketing, advertising your business, all over the world. Through Instagram, you can reach a higher number of people, as it is the fastest mean of marketing on the social network. Instagram has come up with Instagram Stories which merges the data that has been posted on daily basis. In the past, the stories uploaded on the Instagram would disappear from the profile or Instagram feed, after few hours. Instagram has announced the new feature that will spread worldwide via iOS and Android, that defines Instagram stories working in the blog post, as well as pointing the users towards the help center. It’s the best platform for advertising the brands along with the analysis that allows you to understand the market response.

As per the Instagram Advertiser statistics, approx. 75 percent of Instagram users respond to the advertisement posted on the Instagram, that is noticeable by the marketers. Taking advantage of this feature, many entrepreneurs are using this app for branding their products as well as events.

On Instagram stories, the user’s main target is creating a campaign that can reach all over the world by driving awareness related to the brands and products. It has been a great achievement since Instagram stories have been launched over more than 150 million people using this app as of now, which is a big platform for brand marketers. This can help to build up a great rapport with the customer, through their services, in addition, it has insights tools that improvises the content strategy.

In addition, Instagram has launched a feature that lets the participants add interactive polls to the stories, through this you can get audience views on various topics.

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