Google is close enough to a deal of controlling 14,000 feet of retail area at the meat-packing district, in Chicago, as per Chicago Tribune. This is going to be the first ever retail store of Google putting it in a league with the fellow tech titans Microsoft and Apple. Two publications Chicago Tribune and Grain’s Business both marked that while Google has controlled pop-up locations in other stores, and this is going to be its first-ever permanent location. A spokeswoman for Google told to Ad Age that they don’t comment anything regarding any speculation or rumor. However, if the report is somewhat correct then starting up a retail shop to serve a showcase for products of Google does make sense. The company’s gadgets list is long and is getting longer over time.

The company is close enough to finalize for a 14,000 square foot area on the first and second floors of various connected, two-story concrete buildings. It’s situated between 845 and 853 W. Randolph St, which is about two blocks towards company’s south Midwest headquarters. The store would be featuring the ever growing products of the company, along with tablets, smartphones, home security systems, thermostats, and Google Home. In the past Google only had small space retail pop-up stores and small stores located inside the other big stores. Though the company is yet to confirm its long-term plans and no locations have been reported for now in other cities. If the news is accurate then the case can happen as its products are extending day by day; which now has Google Chromecast smart dongle, pixel phone line-up, smart speaker, etc. The retail store has long been a part of the strategy of Apple, along with Microsoft that operate store over 35 states. Lately, the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon also depicts the same.

The location that Google is keeping an eye on is just a few blocks away from the Midwest headquarters of Google. Fulton Market that’s part of West Loop of Chicago, which is a former meat-packing district.

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